Speaking and Workshops

As an experienced facilitator and presenter I provide key learning opportunities.

Given my time spent working within multiple industries, along with my education background, I have a wealth of experience as a presenter and facilitator.

I have facilitated sessions at a variety of levels within Fortune 500 companies including CXO and stakeholder meetings, team meetings, project planning and project design sessions, client/regulator meetings, brainstorming, and decision-making meetings. Feedback I have received includes: “You are a natural at this”, “You have real skills in this area”, “Can you teach me your tricks?” and “This is the best meeting I attend each month in the entire company”.

I have presented and facilitated engagements for multiple forums: Training sessions (5-50 people), formal speaking assignments (10-500 people), off-site team meetings (8-30 people), meeting facilitation (3-200 people), and formal presentations (5-500 people).

Current Workshops and Seminars

  1. Leadership Principles – What will inspire and motivate my team to get the results?
  2. Coaching Basics for Managers – Good, Better, Best – Becoming the LEADER you were meant to be!
  3. Youth Transition (High school to College) – Higher education: Am I prepared to succeed?
  4. Young Business Transition (College to the Business World) –Design the best interview possible! Land your first job and excel!
  5. Life Transitions (Understanding self, charting a course, planning, goal setting) – What is next for me?
  6. Leadership Principles in Project Management – What is important for me to lead my team?
  7. Change Management Principles – Change at it’s best – a model to make it work
  8. Team Building Activities – Shared experiences will make a lasting impression.