Leadership Development Resources

My leadership development services include Executive Leadership Coaching, Team Coaching, Transition Coaching, Life Coaching, and Facilitation/Speaking/Workshops

Leadership/Executive Coaching

Coaching is about the client and his/her life, goals, aspirations, commitments, development, future, performance, awareness, effectiveness, etc.  It may include 360 feedback, self-awareness, authenticity, balance, growth and development, intentionality, priorities, focus, goal setting, accountability.  “Other” coaching services include the following: values clarification, dialogue, enhancing distinctions, identifying plans of action, examining assumptions and habits, asking clarifying questions, and enhancing the use of empowering language.

Team Coaching

Team coaching includes executive teams, team development, high performing teams, and program/project teams

Team dynamics are complex and at times downright challenging.  The health of any organization (company, executive team, project team) is based upon the level of trust between the team members.  Reaching desired outcomes is directly correlated to the strength of the leader’s ability to develop trust, deliver clear messages, master conflict, create commitments and accountability.  For the team to be truly high performing, each member must be able to hold each other accountable for performance.  This hastens the process towards success.

I have participated in many high performing team environments.  The level of work and dedication from individual team members makes all the difference in the outcomes.  The vision, direction, and tone come from the leader.

Is your team connecting?  How clear are the objectives?  Do you desire a high performing team?  Are you looking for a project kickoff meeting to bring into focus the key messages (values, purpose, objectives, goals)?   Over the last 30 years, I have worked all angles within this environment with great success.

As a leader, I have led, managed, and coached teams on interpersonal interactions and team dynamics.  I have led teams through very challenging issues.  I coach individuals on how to maintain focus and team motivation, keeping results and direction in mind.

Throughout my career, I have created an environment of trust, growth, risk taking, accountability and enthusiasm.

Life Coaching – Heart, Mind, Body, Spirit

Passion, desire, mental focus, balance, inner peace, physical wellness/well-being, spiritual strength and mindfulness are important components of finding our center.

Are you looking to improve your life?  Are you looking to grow and develop?  What are the possibilities for you in the future?  Is your life balanced?  What do you need to let go of?  Do you need to take back your life?  Are there too many priorities?  Where is your passion and are you pursuing it?  Where do you find peace?

I walk the talk each day.  Through personal experience, I can guide and coach you to greater performance and a more fulfilling and intentional life.

Transition Coaching – Career changes, College to Business, High School to College

Change is an opportunity for growth and progress. When adversities or challenges arise, possibilities for learning to take place. Change can create difficulty.  Coaching will help you understand how to deal with changes in your life.

How do you approach these difficulties?  Are you prepared and ready to handle these changes?  Do you revert back to old unwanted practices or behaviors? What are your next steps?  I can coach you through difficulties, challenges, and trials, helping you understand yourself and set new direction and next steps.

Experience speaks volumes.  Having experienced nearly all aspects of change myself (career changes, promotions, life transitions, etc.), I am familiar with the emotions, challenges and difficulties one might face in identifying their next course of action.

Facilitation/Speaking/Workshops – Leadership and Project Management

Life is about learning.  Each new path along our journey provides us with an opportunity to learn.  Many of our experiences are intellectual in nature.  When we are able to understand through experiences (somatic, physical, sensory, participatory), the depth of learning can be greater and longer lasting.

Do you need a positive uplifting speaker?  Does your team need direction and focus?  Are there principles and values that you would like to have instilled in your team/group?

My presence and approach with audiences is a very inclusive one.  Individuals “feel” as they learn through engagement, participation and activities.