Executive Leadership Coaching

The essence of coaching. Tim at work. Coaching experience, skills, and gifts. Life-changing interactions from client experiences.

Leadership Coaching Approach

The basic premise of leadership coaching is that the knowledge and skills are within the individual.  My role as a leadership coach is to help create self-awareness that allows one to know and fully develop their authentic self, their “presence”.  Awareness is created from feedback and introspection.  One of the greatest gifts we can receive is feedback, as it provides information for self-discovery, as well as creates possibilities for new experiences and learning.  As self-awareness increases, opportunities for improving the desired objective are revealed (i.e., letting go of issues, communication, balance, performance, etc.).  Being intentional about our choices, designing actions, planning, goal setting and accountability all factor into the growth and progress my clients make.

Leadership Coaching – the “Experience”

Coaching provides an opportunity for transformative growth and awareness to occur.  As we get to know one another, my clients and I build a relationship of the highest integrity based upon a solid foundation of trust and respect.  I am an active listener and ask powerful and thought-provoking questions. Direct communication and focus provides space for clients to grow into new areas of learning.  Actions are created with plans and goals to track and manage progress.

The gift you will receive as you invest in your growth and development will change your life.

“I never would have imagined how much Tim’s coaching would help me develop professionally. I started soaring once I began my coaching sessions with him.  I know the coaching Tim provided has given me the aptitude to grow and develop, creating the possibility for me to aim to higher goals in my career.” Banking Leader, Charlotte, NC

Direct feedback from coaching clients includes:  “life changing experience”, “transformative in nature”, “great direction and guidance”, “very helpful and appreciated”, “a strong leader who adapts his style to individuals and situations”, “you have found your calling”.

The positions I coach range from business professionals to C-level executives, including President, CFO, CIO, individuals working in operations, engineering, sciences, company owners, top salesmen and consultants.

“Tim ranks among the very best I’ve ever seen for his ability to meet individuals “where they are” and coach and lead them to the next step in their growth professionally.”  Sr. Program Leader, Charlotte, NC

I help my clients increase their self-awareness, improve their leadership skills, and achieve growth toward reaching their full potential.  We work on techniques to improve day-to-day performance, increasing motivation to be your best by having a vision to get there.

“Tim’s coaching has helped me navigate from being a high performing contributor to a team leader. I have realized the importance of living each day focusing on commitment and putting effort and thought into how I treat myself and others.  My quality of life – both at work and away from the office – has never been better.” Sr. Consultant/Team Leader, Charlotte, NC

“We focused on a few key areas of strength and as a result, my confidence, knowledge, awareness and skill set grew tremendously.”


Coaching Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards

Download a PDF of Coaching Ethics from the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Coaching FAQs

International Coaching Federation (ICF) FAQ’s. Download PDF here.