Meet Tim

Tim Gustafson, Leadership Coach
Tim Gustafson, Leadership Coach

A trusted, natural leader with 30 years experience, great leadership coaching skills and leadership coaching certification

In my 30 years of successful industry experience (read my professional bio here), I have managed, coached and led individuals and teams in multiple industries and in Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. 

I am a natural leader, have a passion for helping people, and live the concepts I promote.

At age 8 I coached a neighbor on how to do a left-handed layup on our home basketball court. Since then I have been leading and coaching athletic teams (football, basketball, track, etc.) and business teams (science and engineering teams, project management teams). I love to learn and was fortunate to be given the gift of a coaching program midway through my project management career. It was a hard but a fantastic experience that allowed me to learn so much about myself and my leadership style. I jumped at the opportunity to attend an excellent executive leadership coaching program and knew that at some point I would pursue this as a career.

I founded Applied Leadership Coaching with the mission of “Helping Others Succeed”.  I help leaders reach their potential in all aspects of their life.  I am a qualified professional, having received my formal executive leadership coaching training from the accredited program at Georgetown University in 2006 and my professional certification (ACC, or Associate Certified Coach) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I’m also a holder of the Project Management Professional certification (PMP) with the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Throughout my project management career, I managed, controlled and delivered large programs and projects within scope, schedule and budget constraints. I designed hundreds of processes and improved hundreds of others. I have 30 years of formal goal setting experience with myself, direct reports and clients; I’ve led and held others accountable for projects.

I’ve been married to my wife, Julie, for 30 years. Together we’ve raised 4 children and are grandparents of two more. I’ve worked extensively with youth groups (scouts, young men and women, and sports teams) for the last 20 years, helping the youth excel in an ever-challenging environment. Active in my church throughout my adult life, I am currently the Bishop of our Ward, which is the spiritual leader of our congregation (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).

My broad range of professional and personal experiences have given me the solid foundation from which I help others succeed. My experiences inform my coaching expertise. I have the ability to influence others at all levels using various techniques and I enjoy and gather energy by being around others.

Tim’s Bio

Tim Gustafson has been coaching leaders since he achieved his certificate from the accredited Executive Leadership Coaching program at Georgetown University in 2006. He has coached over 50 clients who’ve held positions ranging from business professionals to CIO, including operations, engineering, scientists, company owners, presidents, and consultants. He’s an experienced public speaker and forum facilitator and was an invited member of the Ohio University Voinovich Center for Leadership and Public Affairs Leadership Coaching Advisory Panel.

He has led, managed and coached teams on interpersonal interactions, team dynamics, and working through challenging issues.

Prior to transitioning to coaching full time in 2015, Gustafson had an illustrious project management career. He has 30 years of experience in leading and delivering complex, cross-functional programs and projects.

Career highlights:

  • Vice President of a division of a Fortune 100 Company (2009-2015), Wells Fargo Corporate Properties Group, where he managed construction and property management projects in 5 states and a staff of 25. He led the implementation of 750+ programs/projects for $263MM in 2011 and $300MM in 2012.
  • Vice President and Senior Project Manager positions at Wachovia Corporation’s (A Wells Fargo Company) Corporate Real Estate-Capital Planning Group (2007-2009). He oversaw the conversion of 2823 legacy Wachovia properties to Wells Fargo branch properties in infrastructure replacement, retrofit and renovation projects. Managing a team of 12, he managed replacement of >600 assets for $30M (HVAC, roofs, parking lots, bank equipment, painting, etc.).
  • Director of the Collections Project Management Office of Capital One Financial Corporation, a Fortune 500 Company (2000-2006). Tim combined 3 groups to form an 18-person management team responsible for the planning and implementation phases of a $10M outsourcing program for credit card collections. As Program Manager (2002-2004) Gustafson led the evaluation of needs, the set-up and management of Capital One’s largest active project at the time, a $100M internal finance/IT project.
  • Senior Project Manager and Senior Client Service Manager for RMT, Inc. (1989-2000), a national environmental and engineering consulting company that focuses on hazardous waste investigation and site clean-up. Gustafson designed and constructed major treatment/clean-up systems/processes, grew business development and serviced clients including seven Fortune 500 companies.

Gustafson holds a MS (Geology) from Eastern Kentucky University and a BA (Geology) from Miami University.